Ninebot Mini Pro


Max.Torque: 70Nm

Motor Rated Power(W): 400Wx2

Max.Power(W): 2100W

Nominal Input Voltage(V): 100-240V, 50/60Hz

Nominal Output Voltage(V): Approx. 63

Charging Time (H): Approx.4

Brake mode: Somatic absorption brake motor energy and energy recovery

Material: Magnesium alloy high elastic frame

Tire: 10.5 in low pressure vacuum rubber tires

Headlight: Environmental brightness induction type double LED headlights, 3 w * 2

Tail-lamp: Automatic induction brake lights、turn signal lamp、Is also a full-color atmosphere lamp, light color and pattern can be adjusted through the App

Intelligence System: Intelligent adaptive learning algorithm

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Additional information

Watt Hour

260WH, 320WH